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CNC Indexable Drill and Hole Boring System

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Our CNC Drilling and Hole Boring System is a high-performance indexable insert drill system designed for use in a variety of materials, from aluminum to super alloys.

Made from the finest heat-treated steel, the drill body's rigid insert nest and straight flutes promote long insert life and facilitate efficient chip removal.

Positive geometry greatly reduces stress imparted into the workpiece, thereby diminishing strain on your cnc milling machine or cnc lathe. The carbide inserts utilized by our indexable insert drill system are not a general purpose turning insert, but a high grade of carbide specially formulated to withstand the extreme pressures of drilling with cnc mills and lathes.

Our drill cutters have been on the market for over fifteen years. This system can reduce manufacturing time radically. Drilling time can be measured in seconds instead of minutes, and at a fraction of the cost.

A total of eight carbide inserts provide the entire inventory for the eighteen-piece indexable drill system. Individual indexable drills start at a very low price.

As printed in Metal Working Digest

"High Performance Drill Cuts Manufacturing Cost"

The new core drill design from Laser Tool Incorporated cuts tooling costs, reduces machine tool wear, increases productivity and is one-half the purchase cost of comparable drills.

Don Whitbeck, CNC Manager at Meadville Forging made the switch to the Laser Tool Drill based on performance statistics. There are two separate forgings being drilled that total 15,000 parts per month. The first drill featured a standard insert drill used on H-13 Die Blocks hardened to 42 Rockwell C. Meadville Forging was interested in a drill that would cut faster, use less thrust during metal removal, encourage longer insert life and reduce drill melting and breakage.

The Laser Tool Core Drill is also used to replace a boring bar. It is specifically used to drill holes in forgings for the automotive industry. With the large volumes being shipped every month, cutting tool performance was a key issue in the selection of Laser Tool's High Performance Drill System.

The drill body is made from the finest heat treated steel and is designed to significantly reduce the possibility of jams or tool melting with it's rigid platform for the insert nest and straight flute design that efficiently removes chips. The rigid platform also eliminates drill body flexing, greatly extending insert life. Chip jamming and tool melting was a significant problem for Meadville Forging. With the use of the Laser Tool Core Drill this problem was solved with a two-coolant hole design that keeps the tool cutting efficiently for extended periods by supplying adequate coolant pressure and volume.

Meadville was also looking for a drill design to core forgings that would increase productivity over what they were currently using. Don Whitbeck explains, "We were looking for a way to cut the time it took to core drill forgings for the automotive industry. When used instead of a boring tool, the two cutting edges let us double the feed rate, cutting boring time in half. The productivity gains achieved with Laser Tool's Drill, multiplied by 15,000 pieces per month times the length of the contract was the kind of efficiency and repeatability I was looking for. With tight margins today on contract machining, productivity is always a central issue."

The Core Drill is designed to cut on two edges of the tool insert. With the two cutting edges constantly in contact with metal, the Laser Tool Drill , with it's unique design geometry can optimize production. The turning insert is a special grade of coated carbide (TiC coating), specifically formulated to withstand the extreme pressures of drilling. The insert is a positive configuration, which reduces the stress on the Workpiece.

Laser Tool's Drill is made from the finest heat treated steel and is available with eight single-grade, geometrically designed inserts that provide the entire carbide inventory for all eighteen drill sizes. This drill configuration eliminates the need to inventory a variety of drill bodies and inserts to accommodate various drilling size needs. The drill is ideally suited to drilling a variety of materials from aluminum to 400 stainless super alloys with 42 Rockwell hardness.

The maximum depth of cut is equal to twice the diameter. Maintaining maximum efficiency is achieved using high pressure coolant at 80 PSI or greater. After the hole has been drilled, you can bore to finish using the same tool because the outside insert is turned at a 5-degree angle.

Laser Tool Drills can be custom manufactured to accommodate special sized needs. Standard drill sizes are available from 0.750" to 2.125".

Dimensioned Drawing and Catalog Listing

Dimensions Screw
D1 L2 D2 L1 L3 D3
.750 SLD 0.750 1.95 1.000 5.10 2.16 1.46 LST-2 SP-750 TP-750
.812 SLD 0.812 2.18 1.000 5.30 2.16 1.46 LST-3 SP-1000 TP-1000
.875 SLD 0.875 2.35 1.000 5.50 2.16 1.46 LST-3 SP-1000 TP-1000
.937 SLD 0.937 2.57 1.000 5.70 2.16 1.46 LST-3 SP-1000 TP-1000
1.000 SLD 1.000 2.77 1.250 6.20 2.35 1.50 LST-3 SP-1000 TP-1000
1.062 SLD 1.062 2.90 1.250 6.30 2.35 1.50 LST-3 SP-1000 TP-1000
1.125 SLD 1.125 2.90 1.250 6.30 2.35 1.50 LST-3 SP-1000 TP-1000
1.187 SLD 1.187 3.10 1.250 6.50 2.35 1.50 LST-6 SP-1250 TP-1250
1.250 SLD 1.250 3.30 1.250 6.69 2.35 1.50 LST-6 SP-1250 TP-1250
1.312 SLD 1.312 3.50 1.500 7.27 2.75 1.97 LST-6 SP-1250 TP-1250
1.375 SLD 1.375 3.70 1.500 7.48 2.75 1.97 LST-6 SP-1250 TP-1250
1.437 SLD 1.437 3.90 1.500 7.68 2.75 1.97 LST-8 SP-1500 TP-1800
1.500 SLD 1.50 4.12 1.500 7.87 2.75 1.97 LST-8 SP-1500 TP-1800
1.625 SLD 1.625 4.32 1.500 8.08 2.75 1.97 LST-8 SP-1500 TP-1800
1.750 SLD 1.750 4.70 1.500 8.45 2.75 1.97 LST-8 SP-1500 TP-1800
1.875 SLD 1.875 5.11 1.500 8.85 2.75 1.97 LST-8 SP-1500 TP-1800
2.000 SLD 2.000 5.50 1.500 9.25 2.75 1.89 LST-8 TP-1800 TP-1800
2.125 SLD 2.125 5.70 1.500 9.45 2.75 2.05 LST-8 TP-1800 TP-1800

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